Abyss Ring

With a classic Eastern Soul Indian embellished silver setting that frames the high grade natural Labradorite, our Abyss Ring will keep your eyes driving deeper and deeper into its marvellous beauty. 


Thought to assist in inner spirit and self awareness, it shines bright as its streaks of blue, brown and silver allow you to look deeply into the stones layers to only keep finding more marvels this called the “schiller effect”. It is also a protective stone and thought to be the greatest protector in the mineral family.

  • Sterling silver & natural Labradorite 
  • Large: Ring length: 38mm / Stone Length: 28mm / Stone Width: 20mm / Size: 7US
  • Medium One: Ring length: 39mm / Stone Length: 25mm / Stone Width: 16mm / Size: 8.5US  
  • Medium Two: Ring length: 30mm / Stone Length: 24mm/ Stone Width: 20mm / Size: 8US

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