Cleo Ring - Turquoise

 An exclusive ES design inspired by the tribal treasures of Afghanistan. This beauty embodies all things Eastern Soul, chunky, tribal and authentic, made by hand this ring truly showcases the incredible craftsmanship of the artisans we work with. The techniques used are generational and passed from father to son and so forth. We are passionate about nurturing these amazing skills and believe this ring is a wearable artwork. This is one my my favourites ! 

Iranian Turquoise:

Turquoise was the national stone of Persian (modern day Iran) through adorning thrones to cups to horse trappings. It was thought to warn the wearing of danger or illness through its changing color. Iranian Turquoise is a more rare form from the North American Turquoise and is always the sky blue.

  • Sterling Silver stamped 92.5, 18K Gold plating & Natural Iranian Turquoise ( Stone may vary slightly from the image provided) 
  • Ring length: 32mm / Width: 25mm  / Stone length: 16mm / Width: 11mm

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