Alpine Earrings

Alpine Earrings

 Once in a while, a pair of earrings comes along to change the game. Incredible not only in appearance, these truly one of a kind earrings were hand crafted in the desert plains of Rajasthan India. These remarkable earrings are adorned in Lapis Lazuli stones. Reminiscent of the alpine lakes in the far north, these earrings are beautiful and elegant, holding a depth only found in India. 


Lapis Lazuli

Dating back 3100BC this magical stone was used among the Egyptians for jewellery, sculptures and when crushed up even cosmetics. Not only does its beautiful color shine desire, it is suggested to be the stone for friendship, truth and self-awareness. There are many sources of Lapis Lazuli in the world but Afghanistan holds the major deposits and is still currently used as a sacred stone among their culture.


- Sterling Silver 92.5 and natural Lapis Lazuli
- Weight Per Earring: 8.4g 
- Length: 66mm (hook to base) 

  • $195.00
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