Onyx Hamsa

This contemporary Moroccan style Hamsa is carefully hand cast in Sterling Silver and embellished with a single oval Onyx stone. Modest in size this beauty is perfect for everyday wear. 


An ancient symbol found through out many regions and cultures around the world the Hamsa is known in the Islamic religion as Hand of Fatima and Jewish faith Hand of Miriam or the hand of the holy woman. Its beautiful feminine spirit is believed to protect the wearer from evil and jealous forces. Depending on the origin of the Hamsa the symbols etched and embellished on the piece will vary and tell a story of its history and culture.

A strengthening stone Onyx is suggested to assist in self belief and promote and encourage your ability in decision making. Formed from lava Onyx is located in many parts of the world and is a chalcedony.

  • Moroccan Silver and natural Onyx 
  • Length: 44mm / Width: 34mm

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