We are proud that all our treasures are handcrafted by the artisans around the globe, with this we award a one year warranty on every piece of ES jewellery and textile you purchase. Please read carefully our warranty terms and conditions, this should answer any questions you may have about your piece.

If you have a warranty claim please email us on sarah@easternsoul.com.au and we will attend to your concern as soon as possible.


Terms and Conditions

Many of our pieces are vintage, preloved treasures curated from eastern cultures, with this, imperfections can be found from repeated wear and ceremonial blessings. This is not considered a faulty item but part of the magic that embodies these one of a kind pieces.

We take great pride in the quality of gemstone selected to embellish our jewels. Each stone is natural, with this; stones can have imperfections such as inclusions or cleavages as apart of their beauty. This is not considered faulty. Please avoid repetitive exposure to water or soap, stones are pours and will absorb the water that they are exposed to, this can also effect the glues that the artist have used to set your stones making them loosen or fall out.

Treat your treasures with love and they will last a lifetime. Although our pieces are heavy set and robust being gentle and caring to your piece makes all the difference. With items like cuffs and adjustable rings repetitive bending can cause damage to your treasure.

Our textiles are wearable artworks made in traditional handwork methods. Please look carefully over the image provided on our website to ensure you are aware of the imperfections that may be present. Particularly with vintage pieces, embellishments can be broken or missing. This is not considered faulty.

Enjoy your new soulful treasure.