Tuareg Cross Necklace

Tuareg Cross Necklace

The Tuareg Cross neckpiece is a divine piece of tribal adornment. Strung on glass beads the cross is hand etched with traditional folk designs. 

 Although known as a 'cross' this is a European term to describe this design and has no significance to the Tuareg language. There are many theories linked to these beautiful symbols and it is suggested the piece is handed down from Father to Son with the words " I give you the four corners of the world because one will not know where one will die". An amazing piece of tribal art proudly created by the Tuaregs of the Sahara. 


The Tuareg people are from the western and central Sahara desert. Members of the Berber people they are nomadic groups who are most commonly found in North african countries such as Algeria, Mali and western Libya. Living in some of the worlds most harsh lands they have been creating jewellery for centuries with tails of spirit and protection. 

  • Moroccan Silver & Glass beads
  • Length: 265mm
  • Cross pendant Length: 46mm / Width: 18mm 
  • $125.00
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