Mystic Ring - Rainbow Moonstone

From India, this Saddle ring is the perfect piece of tribal treasure for everyday wearing. With the carefully embellished Silver that surround the high set facetted Ruby stone this beauty is simply stunning.

Rainbow Moonstone

Commonly used in ancient and contemporary tribal jewellery Rainbow Moonstone is known for its talent for individuality and beauty. Scientifically known as “White Labradorite” its streaks of blue, purple and gold allow you to look deeply into the stones layers to only keep finding more splendors this called the “schiller effect”. Being frequently used during meditation and visualization as this stone is thought to release creativity and aid clarity. However in ancient times the Indians believed that during a full moon Rainbow Moonstone would contain magical powers to provide good fortune.

  • Sterling Silver stamped 92.5 and natural Rainbow Moonstone. Please note: As we use natural stones the colour may vary slightly from the image provided. 
  • Ring length: 24mm / Stone length: 14mm / Width: 10mm Size: 9US

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  • $85.00
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