The Jarlie Ring

With hand carved silver and three natural Turquoise and Coral stones this gypsy inspired ring is the perfect piece of adornment for the everyday free spirit.


Being one of the first gemstones to be mined Turquoise’s rich blue green pigment as well as its metaphysical and spiritual benefits has been used for tribal jewellery from 5000BC. Found in the four regions of Tibet it is known as the “sky stone” brought down from the heavens above. Being no two stones alike, it is suggested to be linked to the throat chakra clearing blockages of self-expression, also a stone of protection and an aid for depression and exhaustion.


Used in many cultures around the globe Coral is thousands of years old, used for carving and embellishing ornaments. It was formed by little creatures called polyps, leaving their mark behind coral typically has small holes and lines from its history of formation. It is suggested to bring enjoyment to ones life by keeping away negativity and evil.

  • Sterling Silver stamped 92.5 & natural Tibetan Turquoise and Coral
  • Length: 38mm 
  • $180.00
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