Stella Earrings 1.0

Sometimes you don't need words to convey the true beauty of a piece. The Stella Earrings are EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Elegant, Timeless and wait for it... A true one of a kind! All adorned in vintage Turquoise stones.




Being one of the first gemstones to be mined Turquoise’s rich blue green pigment as well as its metaphysical and spiritual benefits has been used for tribal jewellery from 5000BC. Found in the four regions of Tibet it is known as the “sky stone” brought down from the heavens above. Being no two stones alike, it is suggested to be linked to the throat chakra clearing blockages of self-expression, also a stone of protection and an aid for depression and exhaustion.



- Sterling Silver 92.5 / Natural Iranian Turquoise (colours may vary please email if you would prefer a certain shade of Turquoise)
- Weight: 13.1g (Per Earring)
- Length: 24mm (hook to base)


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